Affiliate Program

We believe that there has to be at least one homeschool organization with enough members that it will have the strength to fight against any attempts to take away our rights to homeschool. That is why we are striving to reach our first goal of one million members and we want to reward any homeschool meet-up and support groups, as well as all other homeschool related vendors and service providers, that help us to reach our goal.

The National Home School Association has therefore set up an account with "" that allows us to sign up any groups or vendors that want to become our Affiliates. Those that are interested will set up a free account with ShareaSale as an "Affiliate".

Affiliates can then either place a banner promoting our Association to it's members on their website or simply mention us in an email or newsletter that goes out to their members. The banner or the "mention" would be linked to our website and if anyone clicks on either one they will be taken to our site where they can sign up as members. For each Member that signs up your group or company receives a commission. The commission rate is fully detailed on the website. To be taken directly to the sign up please click on the button below.

There are also extra benefits for Meet-up and Support Groups that become our Affiliates. Those benefits include:

  • A free booth for the Support Group at the annual NHSA Virtual Expo starting in 2020.
  • Invitations to participate in occasional Affiliate Only on-line conferences, and
  • First access to activities, like the Adventure Travel opportunities, that have limited space available.
  • Additional benefits will be added as the year progresses.

Please also check out the section of this website called "Leadership Council" as your members will want to learn more about that. Please also remember to discuss the NHSA affiliate opportunity, while you're at your next Support Group gathering, so that your group can take advantage of these Affiliate opportunities.