Expos and Conventions

Through the year more conventions, seminars, fairs and expos will be listed here as they are submitted to us. The event(s) shown below are the ones that have been confirmed at this time. Please check back for regular updates to this section.



NHSA Virtual Expo

Exact Date in August 2023 TBD

Each year, starting in 2023, the National Home School Association will sponsor the one, not to be missed, 5-day event for all homeschoolers called the NHSA Expo, the first of which will be in Denver, Colorado on........ Postponed.

For those that cannot or don't want to travel to wherever the Expo is being held, there will be a simultaneous Virtual event that will actually start a day before the real expo and extend a day past for a total of 7 full days. This NHSA Virtual Expo will be available to all members, no matter where they are located, online (no travel or lodging expenses). It will include all of the following for NHSA Members:

Seminars, Workshops and Panel  Discussions that will be live streamed from the real Expo.

Exhibitors with real and virtual booths to include: Product and services vendors; support groups; college recruiters seeking homeschoolers; employers seeking homeschool graduates; and providers of home business opportunities.

National Talent Showcase: to include: Dance; Singing; Instruments & Bands; Science Fair; Debate; various forms of Art; Film Festival; various Writing and Essays; and student produced multi-media presentations on solving the worlds problems. Many prerecorded with the finalists to compete live at the real expo.

Conferences: to include: Leadership Council; National Student Council; and Ambassador Appreciation Clinic that will also be live streamed from the real Expo with additional participants joining in remotely.                        

Graduation Presentations by some of the most outstanding homeschool graduates. Many prerecorded with the best to be presented live at the real expo.

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Other Homeschool Conventions and Expos currently scheduled include: