Membership Card

Terra Scholar Card

The NHSA provides every member with the opportunity to create and print their own customized Membership Card primarily so that they can take advantage of discounts, provided to Members by participating merchants, on either a national or local basis.

Many of the companies listed below give discounts to all students or teachers with valid School ID Cards. The NHSA has confirmed that the NHSA Scholar ID will be acceptable for each of the individual discounts listed.

The NHSA is also making special arrangements for exclusive offers just for NHSA members. Those discounts will be listed below as they become available.

Another reason that the NHSA provides members with the opportunity to create Membership Cards is to help alleviate any problems that a student may have with a truant officer while away from home. In the event that a student has an altercation please have the child instruct the truant officer to first call the number on the front of the card to speak with the students legal guardian who can then explain the students appropriate legal status as a homeschooler. In the off chance that the officer is still not convinced, instruct the officer to call the number on the back of the card and he will be patched through to our legal department.

The NHSA Members will be able to create one of three types of cards:

The general card will say "Terra Scholar" which will be for all NHSA students.

The second category will be for parents, who will be allowed to create a "Teacher" card. We would have preferred to specify something like "Learning Coach" or "Truth Facilitator" but we were informed that most of the merchants participating in the discount offers would not recognize or accept the card if it did not specifically state "Teacher" on it.

The last category is for Alumni that wish to remain members to pursue job opportunities or would like to participate in the tutoring or mentoring programs. For those members their card can say "Alumni".

Sample Cards are shown above. A new card should be printed each year or whenever information on the card changes. To create your card, sign in to your account and click the "Membership card" button.

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