Terra Scholar - A Complete Handbook for Today’s Homeschooler E-book

Terra Scholar Homeschool Book

There are literally hundreds of books available now about homeschooling and frankly almost all of them include at least some useful and intelligent information.  However,  most people, especially parents with young children, do not have the time to read them all, sort out what is important and then decide exactly what they need to do. Besides the cost involved in buying all of those books makes the concept unrealistic from the start.

The Home School Institute felt that it was critically important for at least the best of that information be made available, in digest form, so that families considering homeschooling do not have to be overwhelmed from the start.  So it arranged for a single comprehensive e-book to be produced that will give parents the information they actually need to homeschool their children called “Terra Scholar - A Complete Handbook for Today’s Homeschooler”.

The Handbook is a digest of the best information collected from literally hundreds of books, articles and websites. It represents a treasure chest of quotes encompassing the wisdom of dozens of experts on every aspect of homeschooling, from deciding if it is right for your family, all the way through to getting a college degree or starting a business. This 235+ page E-book will also be particularly helpful to you if you have a friend or relative that is uncomfortable with your decision to homeschool.

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Table of Contents

The right to choose how to educate your children is about the only right left to you.
What you really need to know.

Failure Of The Public School System
Chapter 1 - An Overview Of The Problem
Chapter 2 - Statistics

Dangers Of The Public School System
Chapter 3 - Bullies, Violence And Gangs
Chapter 4 - Sexual Predators
Chapter 5 - Drug Use And Other Dangerous Trends
Chapter 6 - Forced Drugging
Chapter 7 - Health Issues
Chapter 8 - Indoctrination
Chapter 9 - How Forced Learning Destroys Creativity And The Love Of Learning
Chapter 10 - Intentional Dumbing Down Of Children
Chapter 11 - Anti-Socialization
Chapter 12 - The Real History And Purpose Of The Public Education System

What Is Education
Chapter 13 - How Everything Can Be Learned In 3 Years - Not 13
Chapter 14 - What The Real Learning Process Is
Chapter 15 - Learning Styles
Chapter 16 - How Personalities Affect Education

Homeschool Advantage
Chapter 17 - Advantages For The Student
Chapter 18 - Advantages For The Parent
Chapter 19 - Advantages For Society
Chapter 20 - So Why Doesn't Everyone Homeschool

What Homeschoolers Need To Know
Chapter 21 - What Do I Actually Need To Teach?
Chapter 22 - Children Teach Themselves
Chapter 23 - How Do I Choose A Curriculum?
Chapter 24 - How Can I Possibly Do It All?
Chapter 25 - What About Socialization?
Chapter 26 - What About Testing?
Chapter 27 - What About Scheduling?
Chapter 28 - Lets Talk About Rules
Chapter 29 - Graduation, Diplomas, College, Jobs
Chapter 30 - The Time Has Come Where We Have To Change Everything

Getting Help
Chapter 31 - Local, State, And National Support Groups And Co-ops
Chapter 32 - A Wide Variety Of Resource Information For Homeschoolers

Parting Thoughts Exhibits
1. The Animal School: A Fable By George Reavis
2. An Idea For Children With Anger Issues
3. Story About What Kind Of Influence A Good Teacher Can Have

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